William C. Smith came to Commerce Georgia after graduating from UGA with a forestry degree in the early 60’s and was hired by Mose Gordon.  Mose owned 20,000 plus acres that spanned White,Jackson, Madison, Oglethorpe, and Jones counties.  He also operated a pine saw mill headquarted in Commerce.  Bill managed all the timberlands for Mr. Gordon, as well as procured logs from other private and company landowners.  In 1967 Bill purchased the property that W.C. Smith Pulpwood Co. currently operates. The landscape in the 60’s was very different than today.  Hundreds of acres of pine plantation were in all the surrounding counties.  As decades have past, real estate values and tax structures have changed dramatically We have weathered the boom of growth in the late nineties that has now stagnated, and now are witnessing real estate values for larger tracts of land to be moving back to early 80’s values. W.C. Smith was able to adapt to an ever changing industry quite successfully for almost 40 years. As the company has moved into the 21st century, the demand of hardwoods now rivals the pine markets. Again, we have been able to adapt our business in a way that accommodates landowners in our area. So, whether you are planning forest stewardship for now or future generations. W.C. Smith Timberland Services has partnered with our clients to maximize forest productivity whether under intense or lower input management plans with competitive prices since 1967. We welcome the opportunity to be considered the next time you make plans to harvest your timber.

Northeast Georgia Timber is a joint venture of W.C. Smith Timberland Services and Beasley Forest Products (the largest hardwood sawmill in North America) to bring a strong market for hardwood logs in Northeast Georgia.  With the use of rail lines provided by Norfolk Southern, the logs we purchase are shipped direct to the Beasley Sawmill in Hazlehurst, Georgia.  With the volatility of fuel prices, the rail line brings our cost down allowing us to pass that savings on to you, the landowner.  This hardwood log market also affords us capability in all timber production and markets giving landowners multiple options.

Kellie Smith Baxter grew up around the Forest Industry as she spent lots of time with her dad in her formative years. After High School, she attained her Bachelors Degree in Forestry from University of Georgia in 1982. She later was employed by UGA and upon retirement will be working full time with the family business.

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