Paul and Leslie Meiere

When the time came to harvest timber on our property, we felt very fortunate that someone had recommended to us Ed Baxter. Ours was not an easy site. The Terrain was hilly and road improvements were required just to access a portion of the land. We had unprecedented months of heavy rain causing continuous problems with mud. I had also requested in the contract some cosmetic improvements around our lake after harvesting, wanting to take advantage of equipment being on our land. Ed followed through with all of these. From the very beginning, when we walked the property with Ed, and throughout the long process of harvesting and supervision of the after-harvest activity, Ed has been accessible by phone, willing to meet us on site, patient with our endless questions, and incredibly helpful and informative on issues of replanting. He usually answers our calls in person, but when we do leave a message, he never fails to return our calls. We can’t imagine having picked a better person to help us through this process. We are very grateful. – Paul and Leslie Meiere – Banks County Land owner, 2016.

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